How to Be a Full Time Forex Trader


Currently, there are many people who are trying to trade with forex, but do it as part time not full time. The income you receive will be treated from Forex as an additional income, but not the main source of income. Do you know why? I’d say it’s not because they really understand what the Forex. Forex trading is not to give lose exactly the same income every month, sometimes even video, all to the capital. Some people don’t even know think that Forex trading can be a great business. She thought of the forex market as gambling. This is due to the high risk and speculative. They believed that victory loses only the beginning for a more even capital. All these thoughts are not true, if they really understand what Forex is and how it controls.

Forex trading is not suitable for everyone. It really is high-risk trading. But still, it’s their full-time business that can bring you a lot of freedom, its life, not from 8 a.m. until 5 o’clock hour. The good news is Forex trading can offer you the good income as the source of life. This, you will be smart, don’t be surprised that your income will be infinite.

To become a Forex trader, I mean a full time Forex trader, you really need to do homework. It really takes effort, perseverance and discipline. There are several Golden rules to be understood to become a full time Forex trader, follow these steps:

1. A good trader should be able to control his/ her psychology
Profit traders think differently! A good trader should be able to control his/her greed and fear. We need to welcome him, all losses. It is better to put stop loss in every transaction so that you know lose how much money are you ready if there is a direction, me against you. If you suffer losses, not shocked or disappointed. Maybe it’s time to stop trading for a few days. Just sit back and watch the market what is actually happening. Wait until you know the market direction, and you are sure that your chosen pair of currencies, that trade might come back. Smart traders don’t trade every day or trade more than once a day.

2. A good trader is more concerned about the quality of trading
Trader confidence is not built on the basis of the results of trade, but it’s actually based on the consistent implementation of entry and exit. This will make sure that to cover profits than losses.

3. A good trader always do the homework
That the trader with homework? Homework means do some journals and some studies on the market all week. You can do to see it at the weekend market trends over the last one week. They are prepared, for trading at the beginning of a new week. How was the development of the market? The market direction next week? Some people rely on the other party to do this homework. Just wait until a new message enters the Inbox folder in your account email, tell them Forex signals. I’m not saying all forex signals are misleading. There is no exact forex signals. No one knows where the market will go tomorrow. People can say only a little earlier. Their predictions are based test on the market according to your own analysis and your experience, of course. No Forex signals are the same between one and the other. There is no right or wrong signals. They say things used to be. I just think that each trader can do their own analysis, to hold until you are ready, you have a little time to test the market. You can analyst your own market. This skill needs to be a process of trial and error. The more you write, the better you will be.

In my opinion, should be mentioned all those 3 important things, like the above effects, I’d like to welcome you as a smart trader, and I congratulate you that you are full time Forex trader.


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