Beginner Forex Traders Do Not Trade Like GOD!


Beginners Forex traders is not GOD! Many new currency traders do not understand or all this fact is forgotten! Buy low price and selling on high or, conversely, your trading strategy. You always want to maximize their profits and make a lot of money in volatile and fast moving forex market moving. Because these newcomers currency trading is not GOD, therefore GOD always punishes them and make these greedy and immature fx traders lose money in Forex trading!

In the trend scenario, the typical currency pair such as USD/JPY trend at least 100 points before it in the series. Sometimes, it tips up to 200 pips or even up to 300 he will go in the series. How can know the Forex trader when a currency pair will stop, then the trend is up or down? There is no way, unless he is GOD. In the trend-Forex, expert Forex traders are not trying to make a deal when he thought about his low price. In fact, the fx trader will wait until it confirms the trend (method for confirming trends, or to discuss, and in future articles) published. Then take a very conservative 20-pip to 40 PIP profit from market trends, and not 100-pip-200 PIP profit. If the trend continues, only the expert Forex trader will enter the market again, targeting other conservatives a 20-pip to 40 PIP profit.

The above Forex strategy is based on a retail fx-trader ” – philosophy, trading on small time frames (short time as M15 or M30) and take a small profit like 20 pips to 40 pips more than 200 points to 400 points.

For beginners in Forex, the advantage of the above philosophy (small timeframes a small profit) is a retail currency trader able to get profit quickly and not emotionally connected, watching the rapidly changing Forex market. Emotional currency traders, especially beginners, who usually stop loss too quickly or take profit too late or never is the time to profit (to track profit at the highest or lowest point, from the foreign exchange market).associated

All the wealth accumulated! Imagine what would happen if a Forex trader can get small profit from 1% to 2% daily in 1-2-hour trading period, it will be 20% to 40% of the profits monthly! With this consistency, the composition is amazing and very interesting…

The best Forex training consists of 3 important elements a proven fx trading system capital management/risk management + successful trader-mentality. Remember, Forex trading is not training or school financial or technical analysis, of course, GOD Forex trading strategy…

After a search of getting rich quick vehicle to trade foreign currency exchange online, George has to trade profit on a daily basis, is the freedom for action for life! Today, George of the passion of my Forex experience share with your friends so more people can create wealth and achieve financial freedom.


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