About Forex: Does a Forex Trader Need Any Special Indicators to Succeed?


A huge market with the “Custom indicators” for the sale of the new Forex traders are often asked: do I need to a indicator in order to be successful as a Trader in the Forex market? This article will explain how to act many of the most successful Forex traders with a possibility, without a single indicator on the Chart.

Visit a Forex Forum and you can always find hot discussions amongst traders (or someone pretending to be traders), if a page exists, you will not be able to trade profitably with the indicator of the MACD in the Charts, while the other party swears that for the indicator RSI.

While both sides win the right things about the values of the two indicators for the trading on the Forex market, then there are many traders that a profitable Trading сетапы every day, and you are not using a display in the process.

Some dealers don’t call naked Trading, in the sense of the graphics covered up the lines and graphics. All you have to do is look at the current price and see where you are against some of the previous price movement.

For example, many traders will use 15-minute Chart, because you will be able to see all day Forex trading on your screen, to move without the need to their cards and back again. You look to see where the daily Maximum of the day is at Minimum (starting with the opening of the 5 PM Eastern time Candle). If you see that the price has reached a Minimum or Maximum, gone, but now threatens to reach, what to show high or low cost, their charts that the price is in the process of the formation of a double-Top (from the high prices) or double bottom (the low).

As soon as the price reaches these extreme high or low temperatures for the second time, you are in the offer in the opposite direction (if the price forms a double Top/high, go in the sale, if the price forms a double bottom/low, you are in the purchase).

By the trade with double or double bottom is a powerful Trading strategy that has been around for decades and has proven to be a very accurate predictor of future price movement.

Of course, the dealer does not see a double Top or double bottom trading day, so there are other “graphical pattern” you are looking for without the help of a user-defined indicators.

Another popular “naked Trading” trend line break. Dealer deliver a 15 minute Chart and use your tools to draw the diagram, a line along the top of the candle is moving down, or along the bottoms of the candles when the price moves upward.

If the price is “punching” line on the closure on the side of the line in front of a candle, the formed a line, immediately in this new direction. The trend line breaks popular with Forex traders, and a separate trend line for net-savvy Trader, 50 Pips per Trade can break.

While there are a few other charts Trader formations you notice without the help of indicators, which we have described in this article, is the trade Penetration. This training can graphic on a any period of time, even though they are 1 Minute or 5 minute Charts traders ample opportunities to trade.

Traders look at the cost of the solution is in a range, usually within 20-25 points from the floor to the top of the range. In the ideal case, the price is touched at the top and bottom, at least once, two or more touches on each side of the area, better education and training for the trade.

The traders draw a line on the upper and lower end of this range, by a unique tool for drawing. Then sit back and wait for the price to “break out” by pressing the upper or lower part of this range. After the first candle closes outside of the area, the dealer is in the trade in this direction of the candle (for the purchase, if the upper limit of the range is exceeded, then sell when the lower line of the Range is broken).

Custom indicators traders can provide valuable information on how you are looking for lucrative trading opportunities. However, there are so many profitable trades in the Charts seen there is no need for special indicators. If you prefer to trade with then clean (or “naked’) charts to learn you are aware of the high probability of the formation of graphene, and act, if you have noticed you.


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